What is CSS and why it matters

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Not so illuminating as you had hoped? Well, let’s take a look if we break the definition down to the important elements:

“Style sheets have actually been around longer than the internet.”

So this is about Style Sheet – CSS. This is useful as a starting point, since we have known style sheets already at the time when the web still had to be created.

Back in the old and golden days of the world of business, style sheets were quite literally sheets (or more often, documents) that were describing, in excruciating detail, how all documents created by, or used for, a specific company should look.

A style sheet dictated exactly the typefaces that need to be used in press releases, what specific colors must be used in the masthead, where the logo must be placed, and whatever other elements you could imagine (including many you even couldn’t imagine).

If you use CSS, you can, for example, say something like ‘All of my paragraphs must be indented one inch’, and ‘All must be in 12-point double-spaced Comic Sans’, and ‘Have all lime-green backgrounds’.


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Dawn Loggins -From Homeless to Harvard Beating the Odds

The story of Dawn Loggins is one of these stories that break your heart and bring you joy at the same time. Having Will Power means one is able to beat the odds of what’s presented to them.

We are not able to dictate the cards we are dealt, but we do control how we play those cards and how we respond. CNN also reported about Dawn Loggins’ story:

Dawn’s story demonstrates great strength, perseverance, and resilience with a determined spirit to not give up. Steve from Onsego.com, a provider of an accredited GED prep course, says their students (often high school dropouts) often refer to Dawn Loggins as an example of how they can achieve similar results and make dreams become a reality.

So, you are wondering, who is Dawn Loggins? Dawn was a straight-A student at Burns High School in Lawndale, N.C., who endured her family being evicted many times to her family ultimately abandoning her and leaving her homeless.

Yes, homeless! Dawn had to fend for herself during a time she should be enjoying her teenage years, going to prom, graduating, and planning for college. As you can imagine, she was scared, lost, and clueless about how to move forward. But to everyone’s surprise, Dawn rose to a challenge no child should ever have to tackle.


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Onsego Review GED and College

Onsego, an online publisher of GED preparatory materials, has published a list of major American corporations that reimburse or pay upfront for your college tuition.

An increasing number of US corporations have developed initiatives to let their employees earn a GED® diploma, a professional certificate, or even a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. Onsego believes that workers that are better educated will have better lives.

These initiatives not only benefit the workers as they can boost their skills and knowledge at their employer’s expense, but the companies will also benefit since these plans contribute to recruiting, retaining, and developing their staffers.

Once the employees have earned their GED, they can continue to get professional certifications or even a college degree. An employee that doesn’t have a secondary education credential (high school diploma or GED) can usually not enroll in credit-bearing college programs, be it online or at a brick-and-mortar school.

Tuition reimbursement plans

Tuition reimbursement plans offer employees the chance to enhance their educational level while being hired by an employer. And the good thing is that the employer will pick up the tab, partly or entirely.

It used to be that most plans reimbursed the workers when they successfully completed an educational program most of the time, but today, the trend is that employers have arrangements with colleges (online or physical) and will pay upfront.


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How to center a tabbed horizontal CSS menu

This article shows and explains a different method for centering a horizontal aligned tabbed CSS menu without using any width at all on the menu. The menus demonstrated are using of unordered lists and background images.

Traditionally horizontally and centered aligned menus are using a fixed width in some way, like the horizontally and centered menu using fixed-width examples at the bottom of this article.

However, I got a question about how to center a horizontally CSS menu with tabs without using fixed width, and since I couldn’t find some information about it I came up with a solution I have called a Horizontally aligned menu with fluid width.  Both examples are using the “Fast rollover without preload” concept.

This horizontally and centered aligned  CSS menu is not using fixed width, no width at all is used. The tabs are also fluid, this is done by using two background images (see images below).


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