Do You Know The Logic Of Selling?

If you are planning to start an online business, then you should be good at sales. Darn good that is.

There are mixed feelings for people when it comes to selling in general. Some people feel that the profession of selling and marketing is a very rewarding career. It is to be noted that for different people, rewards mean different things.

To you, a reward might be monetary and to some others, the rewards might be emotional benefits. For me, this is a very exciting profession to be in and rewards me both emotionally and financially.

There are people who find it very hectic also. They find the job of selling and marketing to be very depressing especially when they don’t meet their deadlines or targets.

These people find the job to be very frustrating as they can’t enjoy what they are doing. I do not condemn these people. Maybe selling is not their cup of tea. After all, not everyone can stick with their day job and not everyone can be entrepreneurs.

If you are involved in sales, then remember the joy you felt when you made your first sale and every consecutive sale after that. Doesn’t it feel good? Yes, it does. We feel emotionally high when we sell something.

Then there are times when we feel depressed and rejected when we can’t make a sale. There might be various reasons and some of them beyond our control. However, all that matters at the end of the day is, we did not make any sale. We did not make any money and we have failed for that day.

There is a lot of difference between failing at selling and not being able to make a sale. When you can’t make a sale, it does not mean that you failed miserably. You failed but your failure taught you one important lesson. Try again and again until you succeed. It all depends on the attitude of the salesperson and how he sees the situation. You must understand one important fact.

Sales and marketing is not just about profits. It’s not about how much you sell or how many leads you capture. Selling is also about helping others. When you understand this fact, then you are a professional salesman.

When you intend to become successful in selling, it means that you have devised a system. A system that is proven, effective, easy-to-follow, consistent and repeatable. This system can be based on your own experience, what you have observed others doing, or even methods that people apply in industries other than sales.

Having a system that “works” is essential. You must be able to complete the whole sales cycle with this system. Right from the beginning where you plan the product promotion to closing the sale and customer support.

In the IT industry, when software development is concerned, they use a set of guidelines that help in the systematic development of a good software. There are various software engineering models like the classical life cycle model, RAD model, prototyping model, COCOMO model, and so on.

Each of these is a set of strategies and best practices that guide the development of good software. Many IT companies follow these models to ensure that they have a quality software product at their disposal.

A sale is no different. You must have a set of guidelines and best practices that help you make a sale effectively and in less time.

When it comes to selling, I would strongly prefer that you follow someone who has proven themselves.

Why do you think even the top sports professionals need coaches? Is it that because they have money to spend? Is it because these people know some magic tricks that they also want to learn?

The answer is a simple NO. These coaches have years of experience in what they do and how they do it. They have a proven system at their disposal. Some strategies can only be learned through experience and having the coaches by your side means that you have fast-forwarded your life by 10 years or more without actually doing anything (paying them is another thing you are doing to compensate for that).