How to create invisible profits

There are two systems in which you can be successful; the wage system and the profit system. As you are a visitor to this Blog, I am assuming you are interested in home Internet businesses, which is the ‘profit system’. What is special about these types of internet-based businesses?

The problem with the wage system

Out of interest, the only truly successful people in the wage system are Sports Superstars. So unless you can play tennis like Roger Federer the profit system is the only system where you can make money for yourself instead of, ‘the boss’, and where you can control your future.

As ways to earn extra money on the Internet of the three mentioned above I would venture MLM has attracted the most criticism. The main problem with MLM’s is it is possible to make money fast however they miss an important element the other two have.

This is called the ‘invisible profit system’. Also, many MLM’s do never sell an actual useful product or service. They simply rely on recruiting more people. This can only go on for so long, people lose interest and ‘drop out’ so you have to keep recruiting.

The Oracle of Omaha agrees

What is the invisible profit system? Put simply it is the profit you receive for work or sales you have not directly made. You are not aware of the level of this profit yet it keeps arriving every month (which is when most network marketing and direct sales companies payout). They arrive as a natural result of the network marketing or direct sales business models.

Network marketing and direct sales are perfectly respectable work from home careers. They have existed in the modern era since at least the 1920s. However, the business model goes back to at least biblical times, when large merchants would allocate routes to traders on which to sell their goods.

Why was this a good system then and now? Well, quite simply the ‘trader’ or distributor was able to distribute the goods of the merchant (company) without having to store the goods or have shipping costs themselves.

All they had to do was believe in the product and then take them to markets and sell them. As they became more successful people became interested in their goods and became business associates working for the trader. This was based on an agreement the new business associate would pay the original trader a portion of his profit.

There you have the reason why so many wealthy people are now endorsing direct sales as a recession-proof form of new business. Warren Buffet one of the most successful investors in the world has invested in several direct sales organizations, as have other wealthy investors such as Robert Kiyosaki.

Once you have built a legitimate direct sales organization you gain commission on your direct sales and a percentage of the commissions of the organization you have built. Invisible profits are also known as leverage. It is leverage because your ‘reach’ has been extended by the efforts of the people in your organization.

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One of the things legitimate work-at-home businesses need for success today is a social media marketing strategy. To be able to use social media marketing you have to have a presence on the major social networks. In the past, and it is still true to some extent today, the saying was ‘the money is in the list’. By which they meant the bigger your email list the more money you could make.

Ways to earn extra money are in the quality of your followers

Email marketing, especially when it’s an opt-in list managed properly, is still a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Social media marketing adds to this and says given the number of social networks out there, then there must be some people who would be interested in joining you in your business.

So we can now consider all the people connected to us in social networks as ‘potential’ leads. Here is the crucial part, joining a social network and connecting with someone must be because either they like you, or you like them.

The basic process for social media marketing is that people buy things from people they Know, Like, and Trust. For example, if you were to total my connections in social networks it’s approximately 13,000 direct connections. I have made those connections in less than a year.

As you see from the above getting Known is key. One of the best ways to get known in social media is on Twitter, the fastest-growing of all the social networks. The key to Twitter is the quality of the connections you make, number of followers count, however, the correct type of follower is equally if not more important.

Work from home careers workers need quality Twitter accounts

So what does the 97.2 in the title mean? There is a new service you can use to assess how good your Twitter account is. It’s called: and for me it means I rank approx. 58,000 out of approx. 5,809.000 Twitter accounts. I have 11k Followers so this proves the quality of your Twitter account is not simply numbers. The people who run Twitter grader gives the following as the main factors:

Number of followers

Power of followers – the number of followers with quality accounts
Updates – more updates help within limits
Update recency – how long since you last updated?
Follower/Following Ratio
Engagement – The number of times your tweets are re-tweeted. This indicates good content.

Social media marketing is, therefore, key to your success in home working to have a look inside an opportunity where you are taught to create a quality Twitter account enter your details in the box below, and learn how to get leads for free.