Dawn Loggins -From Homeless to Harvard Beating the Odds

The story of Dawn Loggins is one of these stories that break your heart and bring you joy at the same time. Having Will Power means one is able to beat the odds of what’s presented to them.

We are not able to dictate the cards we are dealt, but we do control how we play those cards and how we respond. CNN also reported about Dawn Loggins’ story:

Dawn’s story demonstrates great strength, perseverance, and resilience with a determined spirit to not give up. Steve from Onsego.com, a provider of an accredited GED prep course, says their students (often high school dropouts) often refer to Dawn Loggins as an example of how they can achieve similar results and make dreams become a reality.

So, you are wondering, who is Dawn Loggins? Dawn was a straight-A student at Burns High School in Lawndale, N.C., who endured her family being evicted many times to her family ultimately abandoning her and leaving her homeless.

Yes, homeless! Dawn had to fend for herself during a time she should be enjoying her teenage years, going to prom, graduating, and planning for college. As you can imagine, she was scared, lost, and clueless about how to move forward. But to everyone’s surprise, Dawn rose to a challenge no child should ever have to tackle.


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