Achieving Overnight Success

Discover how you can earn six-figure income (or more!) from [insert your favorite place for vacation here] and while you sleep…”

“…and the best is, you can do it in one short week.”
Sounds familiar?

I didn’t copy other’s people sales letter, but surely you can relate to one as soon as you read it. It’s true, for a few years, I’ve seen many people make it sound like a blog is “the” solution to your business, marketing, and publishing.

Some of the things they talk about hold true. A blog is a great publishing platform, a great way to get closer and being part of your customers and prospects.

The thing is, success in blogging is not something to achieve overnight or even in one month.
I have seen a few bloggers who could do it in six short months. I am impressed. They have close relationships with their readers. But still, that is not the end of the story. Maybe some of them get a consulting job from that. Advertising revenue surely flows in.

But, to maintain the traffic, they have to keep churning out content on a regular basis.

The good news is, they could leverage the traffic and create another product that the readers will surely buy. Product creation requires a lot of work, so the bloggers could not yet retire and leave their blogs untouched for months.

In fact, those bloggers may not want to retire forever. They are ecstatic to bond with their readers. They like to help others to achieve their goals.
If your dream is working from home and be your own boss, blogging can help you achieve that… if you have the desire, dedication, and commitment to do that.

Pursuing a professional blogging career takes time. If you enjoy the process, success will follow and it won’t be like having a job anymore.
Learning and experimenting with things, find out what works, and avoid the opposites.

What about people who want to use a blog to promote their existing business? The same thing applies as well. Businesses could increase their sales, shorten their sales cycle, and let them become an authority in their industry, but still, work is required to create more products to satisfy the customers and keep the relationship.

I hope we agree those are great assets for any business, but it never will be the end of the story.

Quick Tip – @Tagging – Are You Using The Facebook Share Button Effectively, This Is A Must!


The Facebook Share button has become a “must-have” on your blog right now. There are plenty of plugins that allow for this on your blog, I personally use the Digg Digg Plugin for mine.

But regardless of what way you go about integrating the Facebook Share Button on your site, this isn’t about that. This is about how you are using the Facebook Share button when you are syndicating great and valuable content for your fellow bloggers.

Now you will see in my video that I share here today, that this quick tip video has come about because when people are using the Facebook Share Button on my site to share my posts (thanks so much to all of you that do!) I have been unable at this point to account for about 98% of you who are kind enough to do this for me. Which then makes it impossible for me to come along and thank you for sharing and of course reciprocate.

So please go now and watch my quick tip to make sure you are using the Facebook Share Button correctly.

Pretty easy to follow right, and super quick to use when you are syndicating using the @tagging system. Please remember to do this when you are syndicating so I (and anyone else you are syndicating for) can thank you and reciprocate!

If you found this quick tip on the Facebook Share button valuable guys please go now and share it with your communities on Twitter and Facebook (don’t forget to @Tag me), I really appreciate you sharing and spreading my content for others to learn from!