SEO Techniques For Affiliate Marketers

There are many affiliate marketers who haven’t yet understood how essential it is to use the leverage of search engines. After all, the vast majority of Internet users use search engines in order to find information and products online.

They are an affiliate marketer’s best friend and are responsible for the promotion of your website to countless people and counts for 90% of the traffic your website will receive.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are definitely the most popular search engines among the seven or eight top search engines out there, Google being the most popular of all (why am I telling you this – everybody knows that).

When you plug your query into a search engine, it immediately gets to work by looking through all the indexed pages and presents you with all the websites that match the written phrase that you applied.

Those with a high ranking will show up first and, more likely than not, a visitor will click on the first websites at the top of the first page. It is only on rare occasions that a visitor will bother going past page 3 unless they were looking for something very specific. Getting on that first page really ought to be what you are striving most for.

So as an affiliate marketer, it is extremely important that you understand how a search engine works and how you can use it to bring in even more traffic to your site and get you that top page ranking.

The Importance of Keywords

When someone is looking for a particular answer for something, the words that they use to type into the search engine are called keywords. These keywords have the greatest capacity to carry traffic to your website and therefore you need to find out what keywords people are most likely to use when searching for the kind of product that you are promoting.

If you are in a very competitive niche, it is better to try and find those keywords that have less competition and are hot and then work your website to try to get the higher page rank. When someone searches for the keywords that you are now using, then your website should come in on the first page to get the maximum benefit.

Another way in which visitors will find themselves taken to your site is with the use of emails, forums, and other general websites. You really need to concentrate on getting that high page rank though, because this only accounts for around 10% of your overall traffic.

Search engines use algorithms to calculate the page rank of a website but it is difficult to know the exact algorithm; we can only understand that the keywords used have great leverage as does traffic coming from another high-ranking website. As an example, if you joined a forum that has a high page rank, it is wise to post there adding your website link.

Whenever someone from that website clicks on your website, it will boost your page rank higher. Also, the more websites that have your own website link on their page with a good rating, the better it is for your overall page rank. You can get your website link on these other websites by using the benefit of link exchange and banner exchange techniques.