Why Don’t I Use WWSGD Plugin Anymore? This Is Why…


I know when I first started out blogging, the “What Would Seth Godin Do” Plugin or WWSGD Plugin was a must-have on everyone’s list of top 10 plugins. I have been using it now for the past 3 months, or since I started blogging, but have since found one that I think totally outdoes WWSGD!

This is so much more intuitive, highly customizable and just looks clean and stands out at the same time without being obtrusive. What plugin am I talking about… The WP Greet BoxPlugin.


The WP Greet Box is a highly intuitive plugin that provides a “greeting” or “welcome message” based on where the traffic has been driven from to your site.

Much like the WWSGD plugin, you can customize the message that you display in your welcome message, however, this plugin also allows you to “re-share” or “re-syndicate” based on, again, the traffic source or site referrer.

Check out my quick video below which shares with you just how awesome this plugin is and why I have decided to go with this one and ditch WWSGD. Enjoy!


As I said, guys, I would give you the link to where you can go now and get the plugin for yourself – Here It Is!

You can also check out again my post on the FTP here as well, this one might come in handy if you choose to use different images on your site to what the default is within the plugin.

Oh and I forgot to give a huge shout-out to my friend Michaele Harrington for the ReTweet that I used in my video, check out her blog, she’s got some awesome things happening over there!

So what did you think guys, are you going to do what I did and switch over to the WP Greet Box or are you happy to keep rolling with WWSGD for now? Would love to know your thoughts on this, so please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. And of course, if you found that this will be a valuable plugin go now and ReTweet or share on Facebook with your friends, I always truly appreciate you doing that. 🙂

Quick Tip – Are You Making It Impossible To Track Your TweetMeMe RT’s

For a while now, probably over a month, I keep running into blog posts that when I retweet (RT) using their Tweetmeme, they are not sharing the @twitterid in the tweet I’m sending for them.

What this means for those of you who are using the Tweetmeme button and not setting it up correctly, is that you are going to find it astronomically difficult to track your RT’s and your RT’S of RT’s…. or essentially any mentions at all that are coming from your blog posts.

I love to follow what is being said about me on Twitter, that feed moves so fast it’s crazy and literally impossible for you to find out who and what is being shared from your blog posts if you don’t have your mentions set up to track them.

I have put together this quick video for you to check if you have yours configured correctly, it’s really easy to check and to set up correctly if you currently don’t! Don’t keep making this mistake a day longer 🙂

So guys, was yours set up correctly? If not, I hope you found it really easy to get that sorted so you can now track your @mentions in Twitter and be able to thank those personally who are RT’ing your posts for you!

If you found value in this post guys, even if yours was set up correctly, please go now and RT to your Twitter friends and share on Facebook, there are so many blogs out there that currently don’t have their Tweetmeme helping them track their @mentions, help me spread the word!