About Affiliate Programs

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I often get asked the question what Affiliate Marketing is when I send proposals to potential clients.

In its simplest form, affiliate marketing is commission based marketing. From the perspective of the seller, it is creating a program to pay commissions to those that market your products and services for you. From the perspective of the marketer, it is marketing a product or service and making a commission for each sale.

Show Your Ads Only When Competitors Ads Are Not Showing

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"I’m selling the same products as my supplier and we both advertise on AdWords. We were wondering whether one of us is eating away some market share from the other by doing so, and we end up paying more per conversion than if only one of us would be using AdWords."

This is a hard question to answer properly as there are a number of different scenarios that could take place and the effects of each will be quite different on your end results.

Do You Know The Logic Of Selling?

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If you are planning to start an online business, then you should be good at sales. Darn good that is.

There are mixed feeling for people when it comes to selling in general. Some people feel that the profession of selling and marketing is a very rewarding career. It is to be noted that for different people, rewards mean different things.

To you, a reward might be monetary and to some others, the rewards might be emotional benefits. For me, this is a very exciting profession to be in and rewards me both emotionally and financially.

Learning Security from Good Hackers

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"Last night, I stayed up until 6 o'clock figuring out how to do this," says Riley "Caezar" Eller, a slender and bookish 27-year-old. Scribbling furiously on a dry-erase board covered with boxy diagrams representing a pair of networked computers, Eller maps out a novel cyberattack-a method of disabling a supposedly impregnable system with a few clever lines of code.

People want expert websites, not just the facts

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Many Americans who troll the internet in search of health-related information are bored or simply frustrated with "just the facts": They want the Web to help manage their health and that of their loved ones. A new generation of "care sites" addresses those demands. These Websites offer sophisticated monitoring devices, tailored treatment plans, personalized webpages that store individuals' health-care data, and regular interaction with health-care professionals who monitor and/or manage their health.

Why You Need An AdWords Negative Keywords List

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It’s a fact that your ads will be shown to a much wider audience when your keywords are set to broad match. But, without a large AdWords negative keywords list, you’ll probably be very disappointed with your results. Given this fact, you’ll want to know how to create a meaningful negative keyword list for all your broad match keywords.

Secret Weapon To Happier Customers

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Face it: There is no such thing as an "Internet-only" customer. No matter how great your Website is, customers will reach you by phone, fax, email - and, if you have a physical presence, in person. It's increasingly (and fortunately) rare to find a Website that does not let customers phone and email for questions, issues, and support. (Even Amazon.com answers its phone for customer service.)




Why Don’t I Use WWSGD Plugin Anymore? This Is Why…

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I know when I first started out blogging, the “What Would Seth Godin Do” Plugin or WWSGD Plugin was a must-have on everyone’s list of top 10 plugins. I have been using it now for the past 3 months, or since I started blogging, but have since found one that I think totally outdoes WWSGD!

This is so much more intuitive, highly customizable and just looks clean and stands out at the same time without being obtrusive. What plugin am I talking about… The WP Greet BoxPlugin.